Lenkey Winery
We treat our vines as human beings, guarding them from harm. We love the liberty to experiment during wine making, following no strict rules.
Lenkey Winery
Since 2005, we have not used any herbicides or insecticides in our vineyards. Rather, we apply organic plant protection in all of our eight vineyards and plots.
Additionally, we do not apply selected yeast, added sugar or acid dimming. We do not employ malolactic fermentation. This means that since 2015, the entire estate is organically cultivated.

Lenkey Winery
Our wine making is always based on a low crop yield. We pick only by hand at the very end of the season. We deeply believe in the greatness of Tokaj wines with its long ageing in the bottle and in the barrel. This is shown in the maturity of our wines.
Lenkey Winery
Our wine cellar was built in the 1500's in the traditional style of Tokaj, by the diligent people of Mád.
Lenkey Winery
We believe deeply in the greatness of Tokaj, proven by the excellence of its wines, enhanced through long barrel and bottle ageing.

Lenkey Winery

Latest news

After seven days of soaking and seven days of pressing, our 2022 parcel selected Úrágya Aszú is ready!

A few years of aging follows, down… in the depths of the Cellar.


Tokaj-Hegyalja, Mád


I think Tokaj is the most unique wine region in the entire world…. I feel extremely lucky that me and my family can be estate owner in this region.

Tokaj wine so easily recognizeable such as AC/DC becomes recognizeable in the music after the first couple of tunes.



Tour in the winery

If you are interested in the Tokaj wine region and would like to taste our wines, have a vineyard tour , or even a tour of
the winery … please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our email : info@lenkeypinceszet.hu

We’re expecting you!



Wine tasting


We welcome every wine lover in 2023. There are many local festivals where you can taste our wines. Click here for further details.



Sources of Lenkey's wine


After fifteen years experience, my impression is that our wines really fit today’s gastronomy,
and that our partner restaurants desire to create new flavours. The staff of the restaurants
have their own ideas and the liberty to create something new.

My plan for the future is to also strengthen our presence in wine shops. As you can see, I have a job to accomplish!



senior lenkey géza

Based upon a true story...


Once upon a time there lived a young lad.

He was dreaming about a vineyard and a wine cellar in the Tokaj wine region.


Lenkey winery

The Vine

The vine plant is respectable, tough, and always renewable. When I walk between my vines, I hear them whispering behind me: „Does our farmer deserve to get nice fruit from us?”

Nevertheless, if I want to share my thoughts with You without raving about wine, I have to tell you the story of my 2005 vintage.


There were two heavy hailstorms with flood in the village of Mád in 2005. On top of that, another disaster came in the form of a hurricane. When the disasters were over, the people of Mád went to their vineyards and as they saw the extreme damage, everyone thought they were not going to harvest that year at all. The soil was buried under green leaves and child bunches as the hailstorm destroyed the vineyards. However, the vine did not give it up. New sprouts and small bunches turned up a few weeks later. By the time the harvest season arrived, the  vineyards had become full of ripe grapes and vignerons were extremely happy.

Our vineyard of ten acres is home to  21,471 vines.

Our youngest plantation is 25, our oldest is 55 years old.

Our varieties include ~55 % of Furmint, ~ 40% of Hárslevelű and ~5% of muscat lunell…