Our Single Vineyards

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Our Single Vineyards

Reading a lot in the past year, about the best slopes, soils and vineyard classification, I was dismayed
when I did not find even one first class estate in the Tokaj region.

Since then, I have come a long way in understanding that each vineyard has its own secrets.

Experience brings new knowledge.


This vineyard was my father’s favourite. Walking
up to the zenith, he always inhaled the fresh, clean air, enjoying the view from the summit. Similar to that of the Betsek vineyard, our largest vineyard borders on that of our neighbours in Bodrogkeresztúr. It has abrasive, white tuff soil with zeolite, and measures 2.4 hectares with its southern slope home to 6.576 vines.

It is perfect for growing the grapes that comprise Aszu wine.
The moisture of the adjacent Bodrog river aids in the development of the needed “Botrytis cinerea” or Noble Rot which is the earmark of fine Aszú.



The vineyard is 0.44 hectares situated on southeast slopes. Its abrasive soil is white tuff with zeolite, with the lowest part composed of red clay. The abundant alkaline soil, containing iron and aluminium in particularly high proportions is advantageous. There are 1,055 vines in Betsek-Korposd


My utter favourite. In the beginning everyone suggested getting rid of it, saying it lay next to a forest, and that the crop would be destroyed by game . Nobody ever praised its good attributes and it does not belong to the trendy vineyards of Mád. Perhaps, for this very reason, it has become my favourite, and I keep insisting on the merits of Bomboly. It is situated on the southwest slope, its soil is abrasive rhyolite clay.

It is 2 hectares with 4,139 vines. We produce excellent Late Harvest wine from Bomboly’s grapes.


Next to the Kishegy vineyard, it is 0.9 hectares split into two parcels, situated on the southeast slopes. The soil is composed of red clay with detritus. Vilmány has 2,221 productive vines. We have yet to figure out its secret.


We own 0.7 hectares in this area with our parcel is split into two sections. The soil is red clay with detritus, situated on the south slope with 1,943 vines. In a good year it can produce great wine for aszú-making. We consider this to be our dessert wine area.


Our most mineral vineyard, full of hard rhyolite stones and various sized rocks. The iron oxide in the soil make the stones appear to be painted red. This single vineyard has the most complex clay, with a layer of fine soil above the base rock, forming a home for the vine roots. Because of its rich minerality, this vineyard requires arduous cultivation. It is one hectare, located on the southwest slope. It has 2,070 vines.


We have two hectares within this vineyard split into three different parcels, situated on the south and west slopes. The soil is highly mineral, with tuff, rhyolite and red clay. We have 3,880 vines in this plot.


I always love to have a „traditional” vine plantation, as it has been stated in Mád.

I was walking by this traditional vineyard for years, without even seeing it. Suddenly, I realized it had been abandoned by its owner, and was struggling against the weeds.

We bought it in 2012. It has south slopes; its soil full of zeolite; its size is 0.3 hectares.