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Lenkey Winery

The Story of our Vineyard


Our story started on the summer of 1999, when father bought a ten-acre-vineyard in Mád and Bodorgkeresztúr in the Tokaj wine region. My younger sister, Krisztina, my younger brother Csaba and I, Géza could not even realize what this meant and how this was going to change our seemingly carefree life. In the beginning, when father was around, we got on ” like a house on fire”. Dad went to Mád to work on our vineyards and wine cellar, while I and my siblings managed the issues of our local business in Budapest. Every second or third month we visited Dad in Mád. We went  to our Hegyfarok single vineyard where the view of landscape is the most stunning. We tasted wines in the cellar, then had dinner in Sárga Borház Restaurant, like real landowners.

Our problems started when Dad tried to sell his first 1999 vintage wine in the autumn of 2000. But all his attempts failed. Our problems soon got worse when dad became ill and passed away in August 2001.

Since then everything has changed…

I go to Mád every week. I visit all of our single vineyards. I taste all our wines barrel by barrel. And I do not go out for supper to Sárga Borház Restaurant…

My sister, Kriszina has brought up her son. My brother, Csaba groans sometimes, because I spend so much money on the vineyards. My mum tries to calm him down by saying:

–  “My son, bear in mind, Tokaj is thriving.”

Now, that I am writing these sentences, I have already understood the value of the treasure we inherited from Dad. And whenever I sip our wine called „My little family” I consider myself a lucky man…

Kispest, 14 February, 2006 .


Our ideas concerning wine making have developed gradually. We do not want to produce bulk wine, but rather the idea of making fine wine has always attracted us. In order to reach this glorious aim, we have begun the practice of very early pruning before shooting. We perform green harvests twice a year: the first one after shooting in spring, and the second on select grape bunches in summer.

What I believe!

  • I believe, Tokaj is one of the most unique wine regions of the world.
  •  I believe, the wines of Tokaj need time to present all their beauty.
  • I believe, the vines do not like chemicals, the wine do not like additives.


  • We have not applied weed killer, or insecticides in our vineyards since 2005.
  • We have 10,4 hectares and as a first step, we have started ecological plant protection in 1,4 hectares in 2014.
  • Since 2015, we have converted our entire estate to biological plant protection , this means all fifteen parcels in eight vineyards.
  • We do not use selected yeast in our cellar or apply additional sugar, acid dimming, and have not used artificial malolactic fermentation since 2005.

"Love my Vine..."

We do not produce more than 20-25 q per hectare, this means only six to eight grape bunches per vine. We start picking Aszú berries by hand in September, and weather permitting, we finish the end of November. The main harvest occurs from the end of October until the close of November. During this period, we strictly select the grapes by varietal, vineyards, and quality.