Tokaj-Hegyalja, Mád

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Lenkey Winery

Tokaj-Hegyalja, Mád


I think Tokaj is the most unique wine region in the entire world…. I feel extremely lucky that me and my family can be estate owner in this region.

Almost five hundred smaller and bigger vulcano had created this wine region more than ten million years ago, and elevated to the surface those vulcnic rocks which gives beds for our vine roots.

Our vines have been feed by the rocks, sip the minerals into the berries which makes the Tokaj wine so easily recognizeable such as AC/DC becomes recognizeable in the music after the first couple of tunes.



Village of Mád is lovely, charming, and it’s beauty is like fairy tale. Vine is everywhere …

The rock is hard, the ground is dense, tractors go to retirement very early. Local people love their own vineyards, and proud of their wines. The „village” is developing, getting prettier, the ancient houses have rebuilt, became refreshed and shine as we never seen before.

We are waiting our visitors with three cultural festival during the year, there are top notch restaurants also. And I hope, more and more cellar will be open for visitors. We are working on it, though we have to sell even more bottle of wines.