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I recommend this event to you: GoVolcanic

“A 3 day Volcanic Summit. Everything volcanic together, in one place, for the first time in Budapest, during the first weekend of the festive season. Our location is the historic building of Holdudvar, on Margaret-island, in the middle of the Danube River. Featuring over  90 different volcanic wines from all around the world,  Innumerable tasting experience, smoke, salt, spices introduced by well known faces of Hungary’s top gastronomy scene. Rock- mineral and gem exhibition, interactive geology and volcanology for children and adults alike. International and Hungarian top experts, together for the first time, explaining science simply. For everyone, who would like to see, taste, experience and learn – within the framework of a pioneering new type of event. ”

You could find more information and buy ticket on this website:

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Tokaj-hegyalja, Mád – 06. November, 2019.